A Migrant’s Wish

 By: Mike Venezuela


Arriving in this wonderful city
One breezy spring morning
With only suitcases and kids in tow
Full of hope and aspirations

The former country we left behind
Gave us the strength and desire
To continue our life with hope
In this new land of abundance

We scoured the pages for jobs
Talked to strangers for opportunities
Assessed our own skills and talents
That could be needed by employers

We brought our kids to school
As we juggled our time
Between chores and work
Between daylight and night time

How we missed our old ways
Our old friends and families
If only we could go back to them
But it’s a place of no return

The days turned into months
Months into years but we stayed
We kept the course so steady
And fixed our sight to the target

How fast the kids grew up
Their English passes like the locals
As we struggle with our own
Heavy accent but understandable

The local ways were adapted
With a variation influenced
By our proud culture
Developed by rich, old traditions

And now after a few years
Of hardship and discipline
Of perseverance and laughter
The oath of allegiance beckons

This country of new
Is now our own as well
As steadfast as we have arrived
We are now the victors, the triumphant victors!