I was often asked what was my motivation to start my own CPA practice given the hard work it entails and the challenges that confront a small business owner, let alone a start-up professional practice such as ours.

My answer is simple. To be a model and inspiration to others that even if you are a migrant with no resources at hand, you can still succeed in this country provided you have the determination, skill and passion to do what you want to do.

My more than twenty years of tax and audit experience earned locally and overseas surely made a difference in addressing my clients’ tax problems. And my double degree in Business Administration and Accountancy from the University of the Philippines and being a CPA both in the Philippines and in Australia has given me the required skills and competence to help my clients.

Also, I want to provide accessible and reasonably priced tax advice to clients, particularly migrants, who need a lot of guidance and re-assurance from a trusted professional. I want to remove that invisible barrier that normally exists between a client and a tax adviser either due to the nature of the relationship or the personality of both parties.

I also want myself and my practice to be accessible and easily reached by tax worried clients. My clients know that they can reach me by text message, email or phone call even after office hours and on weekends. A short but instant response from me normally satisfies the curiosity of an anxious client.

And this is one of the reasons why my practice has quadrupled in size in the last few years. And the growth continues with our planned expansion in the current income year. With a few branches opening in the different suburbs around Victoria, we believe that our practice will continue to reach out to clients and be their trusted and dependable tax and business adviser.

And so rest assured that we will continue to serve you better, our valued clients, with our usual friendly and professional tax advises in the years to come. For a long term partnership with our clients is what we are aiming for. Thank you for your continued support and for your unending referrals to your friends and family members.

Indeed, this is one of my little victories in life in which you, my clients, are truly a part of!